Planning for Home Care

The first thing you need to do is to work out exactly what you want the home carer to do. This will help to work out how many hours you require.  Do your requirements match any of the three typical outlines below?

  1. A general clean of the house after you have tidied it.
  2. Tidy the house, pack the dishwasher, wash dishes and then clean.
  3. Provide laundry services and change the beds, as well as clean.
  • How often do you want these services provided? 
  • Will you want someone on a weekly or fortnightly basis, or do you need someone a couple of times a week?
  • Which days suit you best, and would you prefer them in the mornings or the afternoon?
  • Is your home carer going to be around when you or other family members are going to be at home, or do you want them to come and go when no one is home? (Beyond their first visit when you will meet them, of course.)   

We try very hard to pick the right carer for your family. Your answers to the above help us select the right carer for your home.